Guidelines For Authors

IT-DREPS 2013 Guidelines

Authors Guidelines


I. Registration Guidelines

  1. Choose any of the links or buttons shown above. 

  2. Complete the registration form with correct  and complete information. 
  3. A confirmation message will be sent to your email address.  Open your email and press on the link provided to activate your account,  Once your account is activated, you can use the USERNAME and PASSWORD to login.
  4. once you Login, you can edit your profile and upload your picture if you wish.

II. Login and Submission

1- Press on the Login button (above), enter your username and password.

2 - Press on the Submission Button in the main menu (above)

Since you are already logged in, press on the Start Submission (above).  You will see a list of Themes and Tracks (below)

Select and Press on the Track (shown above) you wish to submit your paper to, then

Select the required action from the menu below:

If your paper is ready for submission (doc format) press on paper submission as shown above:

You are only allowed to submit your paper if the system is open for submission.  You will see the following table (below) showing the submission and evaluation phases.  Open phases are highlighted with light-green color:

Now you are ready to submit your work. Press on the submit button as shown above. and complete the information in the form below.

Once you saved your work will see the following screen (below).  You can edit your work (change the title, abstract, remove old file and upload new file) as long as the submission phase remains open.  You can also press on the link: check status of your paper to double check your work shown below.

III. Check the status of your paper every time you login:

The next time you login, you will see a blue button appearing at the home page of the website:

Press on the Blue Button to check the status of your paper

If your paper has been reviewed, you can press on the full review in the table above, to see the detail review and scores.

IV. Manuscript Layout and Templates

Manuscripts that do not conform to the formatting guidelines below, 9-page limit, margins, font size, embedded fonts etc.) will be removed from further consideration without review.  Manuscript submissions should be in MS Word Document Format only. The page limit is 6 pages.

Manuscript layout:

1. Margins: these must be strictly followed. Manuscripts cannot be accepted for review until proper margins are used.

Paper Size A4
Top margin 2 cm
Bottom Margin 3.5 cm
Left Margin 2.5 cm
Right Margin 2 cm

2. Manuscript should NOT have

 3. Pages in the manuscript should be numbered


Instructions for using the templates:  The simplest way to use the template is to open the template file (.dot) in Microsoft word, save the template as (doc) file with proper name.

Insert your text in the proper place, highlight the text, and press the proper button from the toolbar.

V. Final Camera ready document

  1. Login using your username and password (if not already logged in)
  2. Select the required track to which you have submitted your paper
  3. Select "Camera-Ready"
  4. Upload your File
  5. Check the status of your paper to make sure the Camera Ready Format is accepted
  6. If your paper is returned, correct it and re-submit before deadline

VI. Registration Fees:

VII. Copyrigt Form:

Download the copyright form,  Print it, complete information, sign it, scan it, then upload it.

To upload the form:

Go to the track where you uploaded your paper at, and select upload copyright form as follows:


Contact Track Chair for further questions 

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