IT-DREPS is a multi-disciplinary conference aiming to explore the potentials of applying Information Technology (IT) in analyzing, modeling, simulation, developing, evaluating, monitoring, and control Renewable Energy Processes and Systems (DREPS).

The conference encourages the establishment of solid foundations for future collaboration between researchers in the IT field with their counterparts in Renewable Energy (RE) areas for the purpose of disseminating knowledge, and interchanging ideas towards developing cost-effective RE.

IT-DREPS shall provide a vehicle to help academicians, researchers, professionals, managers, and policy makers interested in amalgamating the latest advancements in IT and RE.

The conference consists of  two major themes.  The first theme covers topics closely related to Renewable Energy sources, applications, management, and economics as seen by Renewable Energy specialists. It seeks to discuss current Renewable Energy sources and state-of-the-art in Renewable Energy processes and systems technologies. It also discusses future trends for developing cost-effective Renewable Energy sources for essential applications and high power consumption systems. It also explores

new concepts, means, and methodologies for developing efficient Renewable Energy system management and financing.
The second Theme covers topics in the Applications of Information Technology for the development of efficient, reliable, and cost-effective Renewable Energy processes and systems.   This theme discusses and demonstrates how Renewable Energy processes and systems design benefit from the implementation of the latest development in the different Information Technology fields.  



Submitted papers must follow the IEEE publication standards and manuscript format. All accepted papers will be published in printed/electronic proceedings that will be available to registered participants during the conference.   Papers will be indexed by IEEE Xplore digital Library. 

 A number of papers will be selected for publications at:

 A number of papers will be selected and their authors will be asked to submit an extended version of their work as a chapter in a book for publication in a book by the IGI-Global (www.igi-global.com).


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