The 1st International Conference & Exhibition on the Applications of Information Technology in Developing Renewable Energy Processes and Systems

(IT-DREPS 2013)

29-31 May 2013

University of Petra

Amman, Jordan

IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1359U-PRT


ISBN: 978-1-4799-0710-6

Table of Contents




Development of a Wind Turbine System With Energy Storage in the Form of Hydropower

Harriet Green and Mohammed Sanduk


Cost and Production Performance of a Tubular Solar Still

Teruyuki Fukuhara, Hiroaki Terasaki, Takahiro Yamaji, and Amimul Ahsan


Requirements and Design of a Small Wind Rotor for a Small House in Guildford 

Triada Vlasakoudi and Mohammed Sanduk


Amorphous Silicon based MIS Structures for Solar Cells Applications: Electrical Considerations

Zoubeida Hafdi


Preparation and Study of Spectral Analyses and Optical Properties of Nanopole Sensitive to Light of Hydrogen Fuel Production

Haleemah J. Mohammed, Kassim M. Sahan, Roaa Sh. Mahmood, and Noor M. Jalal


Curcumin-Sensitized Anatase TiO2 Nanoparticles for Photodegradation of Methyl Orange with Solar Radiation

Ahed Zyoud and Hikmat Hilal


Manufacturing of Ink-Sensitized Solar Cell by NANO Technology

Kassim M. Sahan,Haleemah J. Mohammed,Noor M. Jalal, and Roaa Sh. Mahmood


Track A-2: Renewable Energy Applications


Integrated Model of Photovoltaic Solar System with the Sound Biometric Techniques

Kenza Meridji, Khalid T. Al-Sarayreh, Ebaa Fayyoumi, and Sahar Idwan


Performance Analysis of Solar Air Cooling (Two-Stage Adsorption Chiller) in Jordan

Ahmad Alsarayreh, Abdul Ghani Albaali, and Ghazi Alkhatib


Solar Sintering of Jordanian Silica Sand

Mohammed Awwad Al-Dabbas


The Performance of NANO Adsorption Solar Cooling Generator Unit

Mohammed Awwad Al-Dabbas


Track A-3: Renewable Energy Management and Economics


Technical and Economic Analysis for an Onshore Wind Grid Connection  (Case Study, Greece)

Panagiotis Panousis and Mohammed Sanduk


Roadmap for Developing PV Manufacturing Industry: In countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab Region

Khaled Masri and Dev Raheja


Status of Renewable Energy in Jordan

Riyad Al-Sayed


Optimization of the Deployment of Utility Scale Solar Plants

Majd Jayyousi, Ali Diabat, and Hosni Ghedira





Theme B: Application of IT in Developing Renewable Energy Processes and Systems

Track B-1: Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing for Renewable Systems


Simulation of Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Systems

Hussein Al-Bahadili, Hadi Al-Saadi, Reyad Al-Sayed, and M. Al-Sheikh Hasan


Predicting Surface Ozone Concentrations Using Multigene Symbolic Regression Genetic Programming

Alaa Sheta and Hossam Faris


Investigating Blade Performance of Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine based on Blade Element Momentum Theory

Franklyn Kanyako and Isam Janajreh


Simulation of the Processes Inside an Entrained Flow Gasifier

Idowu Adeyemi and Isam Janajreh


Track B-2: Software Engineering for Renewable Energy Systems


Towards Apriori and Posteriori Estimation Models for Renewable Energy Projects in Software Engineering

Khalid T. Al-Sarayreh and Kenza Meridji


A Development Approach of Software Requirements for Renewable Energy Applications Using Fundamental Principles of Software Engineering

Kenza Meridji and Ghassan Issa


Track B-3: Smart Systems for Renewable Energy


Double Axis Solar Tracking System Mechanical Design and Control

Salem Nijmeh, Moh’d Sami S. Ashhab, Adnan Mukattash, and Ahmed Al-Ghandoor


Solar Tracking System: Design based on GPS and Astronomical Equations

Fawzi M. Al-Naima, Ramzy S. Ali, Ahmed J. Abid


AMI and AMR Projects in Jordan

Feras Al-Asali


Designing and Implementation of Two-Axis Controller for Solar Tracking System

Muhammad Asif Munir, Aleem Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Rafay Khan


Towards an Open Architecture for Smart Grid Communications: Possible Pointers from Multiservice Network Research

Ali Maqousi, Tatiana Balikhina,  Kashinath Basu, and Frank Ball


Local Area Grid: Power Distribution and Sharing within Neighboring Households

Ghassan F. Issa, Ahmad F. Shubita, Muhammad Abo Arqoub, and Abed Alkarim Banna


A Communication Architecture for Power Routing in the Smart Grid

A F Bouhafs, M Merabti, A Hardy


A non-Linear Control of Power Wind Turbine Based on Doubly Fed Induction Generator

Karima Boulaam, Akkila Boukhelifa, and Isam Janajreh

Track B-4: IT Support for Renewable Energy


An ICT Framework for Coupling Renewables and Energy Storage in Low Carbon Districts and Cities

Marc Bourdeau, Peter Riederer, Yacine Rezgui, Sylvain Robert, and Johan Desmedt


Validated TRNSYS Model for Solar Assisted Space Heating System

Nidal Abdalla


Renewable Energy Ontology

Ahmad Kayed


Knowledge based Systems KBS for Energy Efficiency: Energy Aware Manufacturing

Mohammed A. Omar, Ahmad Mayyas, and Qilun Zhou


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