“ICT Applications in Renewable Energy” held on 3rd December 2012

IT-DREPS 1st Workshop Recommendations


1 – “Jordan as many other countries face serious energy problems which impose the need for developing new scientific and technological solutions, and we have the basis, knowledge, and the human capital to find those solutions” Quoted from the speech of Professor Adnan Badran / University President. These statements stimulate conference committee members and all other attendees to work for preparing research proposals in the area.

2 – Keynote speakers presented valuable information that encourages researchers to conduct research in the conference themes and tracks. As a result of that we encourage researchers to contact the keynote speakers for further information.      

3 – Publish all workshop presentations and recommendations on the conference website.

4 - Propose a number of titles for future papers to be published by the researchers at the conference.

5 – Establish research groups to promote the cooperation between universities in the fields.

6 – Activate the use of public social networks such as Facebook, Twiter and Linkedin to announce and share information about the conference. 

7 – It is important to conduct such workshops to raise the researchers’ awareness about the IT-DREPS conference and it is important to organize series of workshops to promote the conference activities.

8 – Invite more interested researchers and institutions to participate in future workshops e.g. from the Electricity Power Companies and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

9 – Learn from European Commission Projects experience in the joint research between ICT and Renewable Energy fields.

10 – The conference committee should explore the “Desertec” project and its implementation in Morocco.



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